Sweet as Honey


It all started with my grandma.  All this love.  All this joy.  She was the definition of goodness. The absolute perfect grandmother.  

“Honey,” as she was called by many, due to her sweet nature, was simply the best. Loving, warm, and tough as nails.  She was a tiny little thing, and stronger than anyone I’ve ever known. “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” 

“Grandma,” to the five of us, was the highlight of our childhood.  She was our destination each summer, the reward after our 20-hour road trip.  Her Seattle home was my favorite place in the world. I still remember the way it smelled, the way it felt walking through her front door. It was perfection. 

There are a million things that made Grandma Kaul so extraordinary, among them, her ability to be completely present. To make you feel like the most special person in the world.  She gave her time, love and attention so generously. Like there was a limitless supply. 

Something else that stood out about my grandma was her sense of humor.  She was a hoot, a real kick in the pants. Always laughing. Always joyful. Despite her sorrow, despite her broken heart.

My grandma was dealt a difficult hand. She buried three of her six children, and her husband.  All separately, all too young.  She never became bitter, never became a victim. Day after day, year after year, she saw the bright side. She remained optimistic, focusing on what’s good and right in the world.

Grandma’s favorite color was yellow, which was fitting.  She was as warm as the sun. She radiated happiness. Positivity. She lived a full, joyful and meaningful life, and to this day I’m in awe of her resilience.

It’s been almost four years since she passed away, but her presence is strong in our lives.  Through her example my grandma taught me to celebrate people and life, to focus on all that is good and beautiful.  She taught me the importance of caring for others and the necessary power of love.  

Grandma Kaul’s heart is the center of Little Love Jar.  And so today, her birthday, lucky 7/7/17, I honor my grandma,  Elizabeth “Honey” Kaul, and celebrate the woman who started it all. 



“Mostly, I remember feeling your love.  You could just feel it and it always felt so nice, like bathing   in warm sunshine.  I love you very much. “

 - Angie


“You always made my bee stings feel better.”

 xoxoxo Jeanette


“Giving each of us $ at the horse track and then going to bet it for us. Teaching us always to bet the 7th horse in the 7th race… a lesson I follow to this day!”

 - Erik


“You made a very good pot roast. I loved your pot roast!” 

 - Randy


“I doubt there are many grandma’s in the world who can bake as well as they can play poker. You are so awesome. I’m so thankful you’re my grandma.”

Love, Corrin



I loved your house.  The smell… the toys (especially the sesame street house, the little green plastic soldiers and the box of cars)… the sunroom off your bedroom where I got to sleep… the stairs to the backyard with the poky texture.. the apple cookie jar… the accordion door at the bottom of the stairs (and the sound it made when it would open)… everything about your house was perfect and happy and welcoming and warm. 

– Danielle 


Grandma- high, low, jack, joker, game; I loved playing pitch with you!

- Brandon