Which Jar Do I Need?

The Original Little Love Jar is for casting a wide net when gathering messages from friends and family.  You receive a custom template, based on the occasion of the person you're celebrating.  You might want to use this jar to celebrate a Birthday, a Wedding, a Baby Shower, a Graduation, a Retirement, etc... or any occasion that you want a lot of people to participate.  The process takes 12 days, 4 days to collect messages, 4 days to fulfill and 4 days for shipping.

 If you'd like to celebrate someone without bringing anyone else to the party.  If you want to be the hero in someones life.  You may want to choose a Honey Jar!  Here, you write all the messages. You are the only who fills the jar with all the things that you want to say, but could.   You get the link and write all 50 messages in one sitting or take a few days and write a couple a day. This process can be a little quicker.  If you write all your messages in one day, it would take 4 days to fulfill and 4 days to ship for a total of just 9 days max.


The Original Little Love Jar

Give the most meaningful gift of all time.

A jar stuffed with love, praise, friendship, and memories, gathered from the people who matter most. The recipient will be celebrated like never before with this personalized gift filled to the brim with joy, inspiration, humor and LOVE. The Little Love Jar is filled with up to 175 messages, collected from friends and family worldwide.


The Honey Jar

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special person more intimately? The Honey jar is a meaningful and personal gift from one person to another. It's filled with up to 50 personalized messages of love, friendship, admiration, and memories. This smaller version of the Love Jar is the perfect gift for Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or any day.