One of my favorite notes in my own jar is from a lifelong friend who wrote; "Corrin, Thanks for being the glue."

In a way, this sums up what Little Love Jar is about: Friendship. Love. Togetherness. Little Love Jar connects and celebrates the people in our lives. 

I started making love jars almost ten years ago. It started with a healing jar I made for friends after a near death accident. The response was overwhelming. People rallied from all over the world and showered our friends with more love than I ever dreamed possible. Their jars overflowed with memories, humor, wishes, support and positivity. The healing impact of these jars during recovery was remarkable.

So I began making love jars for my posse—friends and family—for all occasions.  About eight years ago, I was a grateful recipient of this tradition when I was given my first birthday jar.  

Receiving a birthday jar was unlike anything I’d experienced.  It was like holding onto a thousand balloons and being lifted into the clouds. I thought my heart was going to burst. I was completely swept away.

As meaningful as my love jar was to me then, I discovered that the long-term effects have been more significant to me than the initial love blast at the beginning. Over the years I’ve called on my love jar so many times.

 On the days that I felt “almost good at life,” I would read a few messages for a little extra encouragement. And there were many days during my divorce that I’d dump the entire jar onto my bed and read each and every message. 

The impact these little jars make in a person’s life is profound.