Instead of material gifts, this year we gave Parker a "Little Love Jar" full of sentiments from friends, family, teachers, etc. It's almost like we could see her heart swell with the love she felt. All of the notes were so wonderful, but the main tear jerker came from her horse, Gunner. - Alex

I can't tell you enough how much of a blessing Parker's Little Love Jar has been! It was such a joy for my family to witness her experience each little message... each one had a different reaction that was priceless! My only regret is not having a camera setup on a tripod so we could have it rolling the entire time, lol! Parker said she can't wait to give every single person a hug and thank them for their kindness. It literally is the gift that keeps on giving.   I will keep spreading the word about your business, and wish you so much success! A little love sure goes a long way, so I just know whatever you do and wherever you go with it your business will thrive!  

Thank you for creating something that has brought so much joy and love into my home!"
-Parker's Mom



 "I didn't realize I was such a good guy!"

- Jonah Peterson


I got a Little Love Jar for my mom for her birthday because my mom is the type of person who is always doing things for other people. I wanted her to know how much she is loved and appreciated and I couldn't think of a better way to do that than to let all the people that love her, tell her. 

Our Little Love Jar was so much more amazing than I could have imagined. The second my mom started reading she not only started crying at the kind words that she was reading, but it made her feel like she wasn't so alone, in general. The attention that LLJ puts into the detail of the jars is so touching. The entire experience was simple, easy, smooth, and set up so that anyone, anywhere can write a note. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. The absolute perfect gift. I will be getting many more jars throughout time. Thank you for the amazing work you do!"

- Sally Hope


"The Love Jar is celebration of your soul."

Nellie Renee


It was the BEST gift I have ever received! It helps me when I feel down because I remember what is important, and that is the people that I love and who love me.

- Kate Coates


I wanted to write to you to thank you for creating the "Little Love Jar" gift experience.  This year I received my very own jar (I know because my name is right on the lid), and I wanted you to know what it meant to me.

The jar arrived all cuddled up in a cotton bag that says "Take Care of Each Other".  Right away I knew that the makers of this gift were coming from the heart, and this was going to be no ordinary birthday present.  Opening up the bag, I pulled out the very sweet jar, immediately noticing my name on the lid, the tiny white hearts, as well as the words"Loving thoughts from near and far are gathered in this little jar".  When I realized that many people may have participated in this gift, I started crying....and didn't stop until I had read every word and gathered my family up in my arms to thank them.

Carefully taking each note out of the jar, I read them aloud.  I also laughed, cried, and pictured each person, hearing those words from them.  It was like a Love Intervention, and I really needed it.  More than I knew.

You know that you have friends, and people who like you, but knowing that every strip of paper in that jar represented the love and effort of those same people had a huge impact on me.

I found myself saying over and over "I need to revise my self image".  What I meant was that this jar, and it's bountiful contents of caring, humor and appreciation, was proof that I really am loved....and it just can't be denied.  (No matter how hard I sometimes try when I'm feeling alone or discouraged).  Although I've given and received scrapbooks before similar to this gift idea, there is something about that pretty little jar, with it's bright copper base, and sweet graphics, that feels like a magical gift from the Universe.  It is as if someone had gone out into a summer night and gathered fire flies, just for me, just to say "I love you.  Don't forget, ok?"

Thank you, Corrin and Jordan, for creating the Little Love Jar.  I hope that everyone gets and gives one someday.  It was one of the nicest gifts I ever received in my life and I will never forget the love that made it possible...yours and the people I love.

-Paulette Johnson


"My love jar is a "go to " place if I am having a bad moment, day or week.. After I read all my love notes I realize I am special to important people in my life & adjust my attitude."

- Nora Christiansen

"To know what people really value in me. It’s timeless so whenever I feel blue I can read it to remind myself of the love people shared in their notes."
- Julie Schelling


"I have it next to my bed and every time I see it I am reminded how I am loved and how I have the most amazing people in my life."

- Katie Espland


"It was such a meaningful gift. It made me feel so special!"

- Jeanette Madden


Receiving a love jar is frankly a heart warming, life enhancing experience. We all think that somebody loves us, but to have people you know express affection and admiration directly to you is very life and self affirming.

-Judy Rogers