Most of us don't need more stuff, but we could all use a little more LOVE.  

The one thing I’d grab in a fire.
— Lea

"The Little Love Jar is celebration of your soul."

                  -Nellie Renee


"This is my new favorite gift! You were flexible in timing, the reminder notes and drafts in general were helpful and getting the updates so I knew who to keep pinging also contributed to the success of the endeavor.  It shipped and arrived when you said it would and the packaging was so cute.  Betty absolutely loved it.  She, in fact, spent the day reading all her notes in one fell swoop.  Thank you, we wanted her day to be super special and the little love jar absolutely helped make that happen.” 

- Rachel VP of USO

“It was one of the most moving experiences of my entire life. I had never ever, until that very moment, felt such overwhelming love & appreciation. It was the medicine & reassurance I needed to pick myself back up & keep pushing forth with my dreams!”

-Lisa Rosado


"Little Love Jar is VERY popular with my circle.  I have received a ton of compliments on "my" idea and just wanted to tell you it really is a great idea and has made me feel very cool/hip/savvy even though I am very much not."



"Little Love Jar has made it so easy for me to give the BEST gifts ever.

I have given out two now and both have been so graciously received.   Little Love Jar has figured it out with what makes people feel important, feel like they matter, and really make them feel loved. That’s what a gift is supposed to be all about anyway, right? Thanks Little Love Jar for making my gift giving so much easier!"

- Michelle Colburn


"It was such a meaningful gift. It made me feel so special!"

- Jeanette Madden


"One of the most beautiful, loving and healing gifts we received during Scott’s battle with cancer. People poured their hearts out in ways that they may not have been able to do face-to-face. My husband–my hero, died knowing how much his friends and family loved him and whose lives he touched. What a gift for any of us to receive."


“Your business is incredible. I could FEEL YOUR HEART for it and that takes your business from being a good idea to being a BRILLIANT idea. The attention you put into detail is so touching. The entire experience was more than I ever could have hoped for.”
— Sally Hope

Thank you for offering such an amazing gift to people! I will be shouting from the rooftops to let others know about this special gift!



"A very dear friend recently gave me, for no reason at all, the most incredible gift...a Little Love Jar. It's truly one of most special gifts I've ever received! It moved me to tears and is a gift I will always treasure. The love collected and given to me has brought me more joy than I can even begin to express. Thank you."

"It was the BEST gift I have ever received!"

- Kate Coates

"To know what people really value in me. It’s timeless so whenever I feel blue I can read it to remind myself of the love people shared in their notes."

- Julie Schelling


"Instead of material gifts, this year we gave Parker a "Little Love Jar" full of sentiments from friends, family, teachers, etc. It's almost like we could see her heart swell with the love she felt."

 "I didn't realize I was such a good guy!"

- Jonah Peterson

"My love jar is a "go to " place if I am having a bad moment, day or week.

After I read all my love notes I realize I am special to important people in my life & adjust my attitude."

- Nora Christiansen

"Receiving a love jar is frankly a heart warming, life enhancing experience. We all think that somebody loves us... 

but to have people you know express affection and admiration directly to you is very life and self affirming."

-Don Rogers

"You know that you have friends, and people who like you, but knowing that every strip of paper in that jar represented the love and effort of those same people had a huge impact on me.

I found myself saying over and over "I need to revise my self image".  What I meant was that this jar, and it's bountiful contents of caring, humor and appreciation, was proof that I really am loved....and it just can't be denied.  (No matter how hard I sometimes try when I'm feeling alone or discouraged).  Although I've given and received scrapbooks before similar to this gift idea, there is something about that pretty little jar, with it's bright copper base, and sweet graphics, that feels like a magical gift from the Universe.  It is as if someone had gone out into a summer night and gathered fire flies, just for me, just to say "I love you.  Don't forget, ok?"

 It was one of the nicest gifts I ever received in my life and I will never forget the love that made it possible...yours and the people I love."

-Paulette Johnson