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Little love Jar

More than a gift. More than a company. Little Love Jar is a Movement.

We are on a mission to spread as much love into the world as humanly possible.


Spreading Joy

Taking care of each other 

Creating opportunities
to express love and positivity

Focusing on the good things
in life and in people

We Believe:

Little things
are big.

Love will change
the world.

Words are

Something magical happens when we sit down, think about the people we love, and take time to express what they mean to us.

Together we can change the world. One message. One Little Love Jar at a time.

Our Vision:

Connection. Belonging.
Friendship. Expression.

People Coming Together. Rallying. Surrounding Each Other with Love. It’s the most beautiful, important thing in the whole world.

For every celebration, every broken heart, every struggle, and every joyful event, we want to shower people with love. We want every veteran, every cancer patient, every teenager to receive a Little Love Jar. 

We want to continue to spread the message of love, friendship and positivity in the schools, and shift the conversation from anti-bullying to the action-based opportunity Little Love Jar provides.

We want to partner with companies on team building exercises to bring people closer together, and collaborate with hospitals and families to rally around those in need. Little Love Jar is a reminder that Love not only exists, but is a huge and powerful force in the world. 

Do you have an idea for a
collaboration with Little Love Jar?

We’d love to hear from you!

Meet Corrin:

Hi, I’m Corrin Madden, founder of Little Love Jar. I started making love jars over ten years ago. It started with a healing jar I made for friends after a near death accident. The response was overwhelming. People rallied from all over the world and showered our friends with more love than I dreamed possible.

So, I began making love jars for my posse- friends and family- for all occasions.

Several years ago, I was given a Little Love Jar of my own. Receiving a Little Love Jar was unlike anything I’d experienced. It was like holding onto a thousand balloons and being lifted into the clouds. I thought my heart was going to burst… I was completely swept away.

I am convinced that together, through tiny acts of positivity and love, we can change the world: one message, one Little Love Jar at a time.

Founder, Little Love Jar
Est. 2016


Danielle Renee

The Little Love Jar is a celebration of your soul.

Kari Pike

Thanks for this terrific opportunity for us to lift one another up.

Don Rogers

Receiving a Little Love Jar is a heart warming, life enhancing experience.


Instead of material gifts, this year we gave Parker a Little Love Jar. It’s almost like we could see her heart swell with the love she felt.


George was so deeply touched by the messages in his jar. Thank you for giving us a reason to stop and celebrate life.

Kelly Zino

I am so overjoyed by this business!


A very dear friend recently gave me, for no reason at all, the most incredible gift…a Little Love Jar. It’s truly one of most special gifts I’ve ever received! It moved me to tears and is a gift I will always treasure. The love collected and given to me has brought me more joy than I can even begin to express. Thank you.

Lisa Rosado

Receiving a jar was one of the most moving experiences of my entire life. I had never ever, until that very moment, felt such overwhelming love & appreciation. It was the medicine & reassurance I needed to pick myself back up & keep pushing forth with my dreams!

Jamie Olart

My husband was incredibly overwhelmed and still can’t put into words how much he loves his jar. I think he’s made it through 10 messages at most, because so many of them make him cry.